Some Words About Us

We Help Real People Share Their Luxury Closet With Others.

Fashion Connects is the #1 marketplace for your luxury clothing and accessories. We are a marketplace that enables real people to share their luxury clothing and accessories with others for rent or sale. Our company aims to redefine luxury fashion by making it more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. At Fashion Connects, you have the power to upload your luxury items, set your rental or selling price, and connect with potential buyers or renters.

Located in the Greater New York City area, Fashion Connects is dedicated to providing a unique and hassle-free experience for its customers. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast looking to spice up your wardrobe with luxury pieces or a luxury item owner seeking to monetize your items, Fashion Connects has got you covered. Experience luxury fashion on your own terms with Fashion Connects and join the community of fashion lovers who share a passion for quality, luxury, and affordability.

We offer a community that gathers fashionable individuals across the world to trade closets. We help you facilitate your closet into cash. Buy, Sell, and Rent within the community. Realize the cash in your closet today.

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Our Team

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Jane Cooper

President of Sales

Jacob Jones

Sales Analyst

Kristin Watson

Market Development

Darlene Robertson

Sales Analyst

How We-Go-To Market

We created a marketplace for peer-to-peer renting and selling of luxury items.

Our platform enables real people to share their closet with others, deciding to rent or sell their items, and getting paid for it.

We also empower buyers to shop luxury on their own terms. Sellers are able to browse vast collections of luxury items, choose which items they desire, decide if they want to buy or just rent for a period, enjoy the items, and keep or return.

Building A Trusted Community

Why Our Company Matters

Fashion Connects matters because the luxury fashion industry needs a change. It has excluded a large portion of the population who desire luxury clothing but cannot afford it, especially younger demographics. The industry's inflexibility also limits access to luxury items, as the only option is to buy them. Additionally, the industry's poor sustainability practices contribute to the billions of dollars worth of clothing being burned, wasted, and discarded every year, causing harm to the environment. Fashion Connects is committed to changing this by making luxury fashion more accessible, flexible, and sustainable.

At Fashion Connects, we believe that the time is now to redefine the luxury fashion industry to serve a wider audience. Our mission is to empower consumers to complete their luxury shopping on their own terms, to fit their unique needs and lifestyle. We also strive to promote sustainability in the industry, reducing its negative impact on the environment. With Fashion Connects, consumers can access luxury fashion without breaking the bank, while also making a positive impact on the world.

Join Our Community

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